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How to Tell if the Central Air Conditioner in Your Spring, TX House is Really Broken; AC Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping & More

A seemingly broken down air conditioner does not necessarily require the need for repair. The air conditioner not flipping on or not functioning to its full potential can be due to a host of circumstances. Today we at West Lake Houston Air Conditioning & Heating have compiled the most common reasons as to what could be making your air conditioner suffer. In many cases, you can address these problems without necessarily needing repairs to get your air conditioner back up to par to help you avoid wasting cash on unnecessary repairs.

Troubleshooting Central Air Conditioner

1) AC Power. The air conditioner cannot work during a power outage, as it runs on power. Make certain that your home is not experiencing a power outage before you call for repairs. There are could be additional reasons the unit has lost a source of a power.
2) Air Filter. Regularly, air filters are designed to be changed or cleaned. Never wait longer than 3 months to care for the air filters, but ideally, be sure to check the filters every 4 weeks. When the airflow is restricted from the filters accruing a lot dirt and debris that leads to buildup, it causes the air conditioner to not perform at its peak performance. Check the air filter first when your air conditioner is not functioning or functioning well.
3) AC Thermostat Batteries. A thermostat issue can be the problem of the air conditioner not working. Your thermostat’s batteries last about a year generally. The thermostat cannot communicate with the air conditioner if it is not showing signs of life. Try replacing the batteries if the thermostat is not operating correctly.
4) Circuit Breaker. Simply reset the circuit breaker when it needs it since the air conditioner could have been tripped. Also, keep in mind that the circuit breaker is a referred to as the fuse box. It is a good idea to call out a professional to find out why, however, if the circuit breaker frequently trips.
5) AC Drain Line. Causing the air conditioner to shut itself off, the air conditioner drain line, or the condensation pump might be clogged. To easily get the unit up and running again, clean out the line. If you are not comfortable with cleaning out the drain, this issue sometimes is better handled with professionals.
6) Safety Switch. On every air conditioner unit, there is safety switch that can be accidentally flipped. To keep leaking water from the air conditioning unit from seeping into the ceiling and walls of your home and prevent water damage, the switch is in place. Avoid bypassing the switch or it could result in water leakage. Call in professional assistance if your air conditioner unit continues to experience problems even after these above-mentioned adjustments have been made.

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