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What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working in The Woodlands, TX? Pilot Light or Electronic Ignition Problems & More

An HVAC system frequently experiences problems that come and go. Where some issues are quite common and simple to fix, other problems can be extensive and even require replacement. Quick and efficient repairs executed by a trained professional can help you restore your home into a warm and comfortable place. Today, we at West Lake Houston HVAC would like to briefly share the top furnace problems you are likely to experience.

Age of Furnace

Year after year, the furnaces ages, and like with all things, over time and use, the efficiency, integrity, and parts begin to fail. Since it continually works in the cold weather to maintain a warm home, it is only natural that the wear and tear that might make it not as functional or efficient as it once was. Where the wear and tear can be easily repaired in most instances, once your furnace is over ten years old, you need to start preparing for a furnace replacement.

Thermostat Problems

Your home may not be effectively getting warm due to the thermostat on the furnace having an issue. In this instance, you want to have the system evaluated especially since it can be one of the easier fixes that gets the thermostat back in working order. If is experiencing mixed signals sent between the units, more often than not, the wiring is likely at fault.

Neglecting Furnace Maintenance

Despite the heavy cost of installing a new furnace, professional maintenance and home care starts the first year it is in your home and needs to be cared for every consecutive year. Without professional tune-ups and other maintenance services, your furnace’s lifespan will significantly decrease, the overall efficiency plunders, and costly repairs will happen sooner than later. Professional maintenance services are designed to maximize the health, efficiency, and long-term effectiveness, just as you maintain your vehicle.

Furnace Pilot Light or Electronic Ignition Issues

If you have an older furnace, When you turn your heat on, the furnace is ignited from the pilot, that is the small flame. You will need to take the measures necessary to re-light the pilot in the event the burns out, or any other pilot light troubles develop. The pilot light is a sensitive element of the furnace, and to ensure your safety, make sure you have an HVAC professional diagnose and treat the problem. If you have a newer furnace, it may have an electronic ignition that works like a light bulb filament, heating up when electricity is passed through it. If the ignition sensor is faulty or dirty, your furnace will not ignite.

Weak Air Flow from Vents in House

Problems with the airflow are obvious when the system is backed up or clogged. Throughout the home, the pipes in the system or ducts need to be blown out and cleaned thoroughly to maximize the airflow.

Dirty or Clogged Air Filter

Unfortunately, whether if it is ignorance or neglect, many homeowners neglect their filters. The furnace filter needs to be replaced on a yearly basis since it is a critical element to your home’s furnace. To help keep your furnace running efficiently, and clean air circulating through the house, frequent replacement of the furnace is necessary. Additionally, ensure the HVAC system’s filters are cleaned or replaced every 30-60 days.

Furnace Repair, Replacement & More in Kingwood, The Woodlands, Huffman, Spring & Greater Houston Texas

If you are experiencing furnace trouble in Greater Houston, Texas, call in the professionals of West Lake Houston HVAC and let us restore your furnace to its full warming potential.

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