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Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips to Avoid Humble, TX to Avoid Furnace Blower Motor Replacement & More

You need to know the best practices to heat your home this winter. Taking the right steps will ensure you stay happy and healthy. West Lake Houston Air Conditioning & Heating has prepared some helpful tips below.

Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips

1. Resist the urge to dramatically raise the temperature setting. Doing so will not make your home get warmer faster. All it does is increase your heating bill and cause potential damage to your system.
2. Make sure you turn off portable heating equipment when you aren’t in the room. Space heaters can become extremely dangerous if they are not monitored.
3. Make sure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide protectors have new batteries. You need to test all the detectors in your home to ensure they will alert you and your family in the event of a fire or CO in your home.
4. If you have a fireplace you will need to make sure the damper is closed when you aren’t using it. When the damper is left open, your chimney will work like a vacuum and suck up the warm air in your home. This will increase your utility bills, create longer run times, and increase wear and tear on your system.
5. You need to change your air filters regularly to ensure proper airflow. Proper airflow is key to ensuring you have an efficient HVAC system. Dirty air filters will decrease airflow and lower the air quality in your home.
6. Scheduling preventative maintenance every year is the best way to keep your HVAC system running smoothly through the heating season. Professionals will make sure everything is working properly and as efficiently as possible.

Troubleshooting Solutions to Common Furnace Heating Problems

Chances are you may experience furnace problems at some point. Luckily, professionals can handle the most common issues and get your furnace working again.
• Blower motor issues. The motor forces air through the ducts and into your home. If the motor isn’t working, it can’t move air through the system. Wear and tear is normal with anything, so it’s common for this part to fail. Professionals can come in and replace this part.
• Ignition failure. Gas-burning furnaces have a pilot light that ignites the fuel to warm the air. The pilot light is connected to a thermocouple that regulates the movement of gas and will shut the gas off if the pilot light is extinguished. That means it’s important when it comes to safety. If it’s not working the right way you may be putting your family and home in danger. Issues with the pilot light will also cause the HVAC system to stop working.
• Air flow issues. When the system becomes clogged with dust and debris airflow is hampered and the system won’t work as efficiently as it should. Leaks and damaged air ducts can reduce air flow and lead to a shut down. This will happen when you neglect the air filters and continue to use the system.

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